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Don’t Be Fooled By Papa Smurf: Why Your Business Needs The Best

Computer network attacks are evolving in their sophistication and in their ability to evade detection, thus making information technology project management solutions all the more important for medium to large business concerns.

Attacks are also becoming more targeted and have greater financial consequences for their victims.

The two main ways attacks occur are through internal avenues, instigated by company insiders who already have knowledge of the network and its available resources, and externally through hackers and viruses and a number of other methods.

The trouble with internal attacks is traditional network security mechanisms such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and firewalls are ineffective against much of the network misuse originating internally and require specific data centre design solutions.

External attacks come in various forms such as:

Denial Of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) which involves hackers and attackers trying to make a network resource unavailable.

Spoofing, whereby one person or programme masquerading as another gains entry to a network by using false data.

Man In The Middle (MITM), which is quite simply a form of active eavesdropping, the attacker making their own connections with recipients relaying messages between them so they believe they are talking directly to each other privately when in fact the attacker is controlling the whole conversation from start to finish.

Another network security threat is Buffer Overflow which is an attack designed to damage memory safety and arrives in the form of a virus programme that writes data to the system buffer and then overwrites your important memory settings and information.

And you can even be subject to a Smurf attack which essentially consists of an attacker swamping a victim’s network with heavy traffic thus forcing it to crash.

As you can see, there are various types of attack that can seriously hinder and damage your network security.

The security of data is critical to any business strategy so it is crucial you have security experts can help your business identify and mitigate any risk to your services or data.

This can only really be achieved by hiring a reputable company specializing in Proxar IT consulting solutions.

The best will provide an initial assessment, supply recommendations, and implement solutions for both network architecture and operating system related risks within your business, as well as provide a number of network security audits, penetration testing, and remote access solutions.

So, if you don’t want to be fooled by Papa Smurf and his friends, you know what to do…


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